Details of Leica cameras and related items.

Information on Leica camera models portfolioInformation on various Leica camera models will be added from time to time.

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Leica Cameras in the 1930s: A decade of progress by William Fagan
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DIY Recovering portfolioI recently had occasion to try out one of the recently made available leatherette recovering kits for Leica and was encouraged to record my experiences as something that might be of interest to the wider readership.

The camera in question happened to be an M5, though that detail is of no great import to non-M5 owners, the principles and experiences remain near identical. As with many older Leicas the covering, which is made of a substance called Vulcanite, is subject to cracking over years when it becomes brittle. When the Vulcanite cracks it drops off in small parts at first and then larger pieces. If the pieces can be found then sticking them back one piece at a time is an option, but once parts are lost then it is a frustrating challenge to replace them without recourse to assistance or professional help.