Circle photographs

The aim of the portfolio section is to use Leica equipment of whatever vintage for the production of images in the form of prints or slides for circulation and comment.

Circles are made up of members who share an interest in a particular form of photography (eg colour or monochrome prints, slides, the use of screw Leicas or Street photography). With the few exceptions detailed below there is no restriction of subject matter. Home produced digital or darkroom is the norm but commercially produced work is accepted in some circles.

More information on circles and portfolios is available on the "Circles" page accessible from the menu.
Circle 4 portfolio Circle 4 Monochrome or colour prints up to 6"x9" four folios per annum. Circle 9 portfolio Circle 9 Monochrome prints up to 10"x12" twelve folios per annum (subjects are open except for twice a year when specific themes are nominated).
Circle 10 portfolio Circle 10 Unmounted monochrome prints up to 16x12 or A3, minimum size 10"x8" twelve folios per annum. Circle 19 portfolio Photographs made by members of the Society's circles using Leica cameras or Leica lenses.

Circle 19 is for colour prints up to 10x8 minimum size 6x4 (mounting preferred) eight folios per annum. No restriction on subject matter. Notebook is considered important. Most submissions tend to be from a digital source. The object is to submit prints that fellow members will enjoy seeing.Click HERE to see some of members images.
Circle 39 portfolio This Circle Members use only Screw Mount Leica Cameras and Lenses. Circle D portfolio Circle D, the digital circle.