CIRCLES or Postal Portfolios

CIRCLES or Postal Portfolios

The aim of the portfolio section is to use Leica equipment of whatever vintage for the production of images in the form of prints or slides for circulation and comment.
Circles are made up of members who share an interest in a particular form of photography (eg colour or monochrome prints,slides, the use of screw Leicas or Street photography). With the few exceptions detailed below there is no restriction of subject matter. Home produced digital or darkroom is the norm but commercially produced work is accepted in some circles.

Circles all function in basically the same way. Folios are sent out by the Secretary at regular intervals and circulated from one member to the next according to a planned rota and posting dates. Each folio contains two sets of folders both of which contain one image from each member of the circle together with a 'crit sheet'. The first folder - the 'voting folder' contains all the images in the current round. The second folder is the 'collecting' folder where each member replaces his old image with a new one. The sheets are used to provide details of the image (title, camera, lens,etc and any other technical details where recorded) and to allow all members to comment on the image. Each photograph passes through the system twice(the secretary makes the transfer)each circle member is thus able to read the comments of all the other members.

Most circles have some form of voting for which voting cards are supplied, these are returned to the secretary when the folio is posted on. There is also a 'warning' card which is sent to the next but one person on the rota . The final item in the folio is the Notebook where the latest news and items of interest are recorded.

Circle 2 Unmounted monochrome prints up to 10"x8" or A4 minimum size 9"x6", six folios per annum.

Circle 3 Unmounted colour prints up to A3 (minimum A4), 12 folios per annum, non voting.

Circle 4 Monochrome or colour prints up to 10” x 8”, four/five folios per annum.
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Circle 6 Mounted monochrome prints up to 7"x5" six folios per annum. The only print circle whose members are all currently darkroom workers.

Circle 9 Monochrome prints up to 10"x12" twelve folios per annum (subjects are open except for twice a year when specific themes are nominated).
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Circle 10 Unmounted monochrome prints up to 16"x12" or A3, minimum size 10x8 twelve folios per annum.
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Circle 11 Monochrome prints up to 16x12 minimum size 10"x8" twelve folios per annum.

Circle 15 Transparencies (glass mounting not required) six folios per annum.

Circle 19 Colour prints up to 10"x8" minimum size 6x4 eight folios per annum. No restriction on subject matter. Notebook is considered important. Most submissions tend to be from a digital source. The object is to submit prints that fellow members will enjoy seeing.
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Circle 20 is a large print circle (A4 or slightly larger), either black & white or colour, with an open remit, but which is perhaps covered by the wide term “documentary”. It is a non-voting circle with postings of portfolios every two months.

Circle 39 The Screw Circle Monochrome and colour prints up to 10x8 minimum size 7x5 (mounting optional) In theory the group also accepts transparencies but none have yet been submitted. Six folios per annum. The only absolute requirement is that the picture be taken using a screw Leica camera.
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CIRCLE 'D' Circle D is a Digital Circle formed in 2011 and operates online. Each month members upload a photograph in colour or black and white to the Circle website allowing other members to comment and vote on the work. Photographers in the Circle use a wide variety of equipment from early screw thread Leicas to the latest M9, or Panasonic cameras with Leica lenses and even a pinhole body cap on a Leica body. The subject matter is varied from everyday scenes to portraits and street photography, but there’s no restriction and it is a chance to share work with like minded photographers.
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The apparently bizarre numbering of the circles is a result of earlier circles being replaced by new ones over the years .