The Leica Society was formed by the coming together of two of the longest established groups of individuals with a passion for things Leica.

The Leica Postal Portfolio (LPP) was founded in 1936, making it the oldest of the Leica societies, made up of groups of photographers - 'Circles' - who use Leica cameras and/or lenses to make photographs to a particular brief,size of print, colour or monochrome, home or commercially printed, and now as digital files.

For further details of the Leica Society Circles' scope and activities click "Circles" on the menu.

The Leica Historical Society was formed in 1969, when 'Jack' Newton and Hans Edwards gathered together a group of ten fellow collectors from the UK and the USA, in London. From those early beginnings, the Leica Historical Society grew and prospered over three decades, with several hundred members from all walks of life, in all parts of the world, culminating in the formation of the Leica Society.

As one of the key objectives is to research all aspects of Leitz and Leica history and of their products, and then to share such knowledge with our members, good communication is of the highest priority and importance. To achieve this, we publish a high-quality A4 format colour Magazine, at least three times a year and organise several meetings and local events during the year, to which all members are welcome.

Our principal annual meeting is Leica Weekend in Spring each year to which all members and their guests are invited. The Society's Annual General Meeting is also held during the weekend, when members have an opportunity to air their views or comments on any aspect of the Society's activities.

We are a very active Society, our members possessing a huge range of knowledge on Leica-related matters ranging from the general to the esoteric, which is shared through articles published in the Magazine, and through personal contact and discussion with fellow members at meetings.