We are a very active Society, our members possessing an impressive range of knowledge on Leica related interests which are shared through articles published in the Magazine, or through personal contact and discussion with fellow members at our various meetings. If our varied activities should appeal to you as a collector, user, historian or enthusiast, then we would be pleased to welcome you as a member of the Leica Society.

The Leica Society caters for all ages and abilities. Whilst membership includes professional photographers and Fellows of the Royal Photographic Society it also includes many more amateur and hobby photographers. To join the Circles or take part in the annual exhibition you don’t even have to own a Leica camera, it is only required that either the camera or lens used was a Leica product. Many Panasonic cameras have Leica lenses and the lenses are also often used with adapters on other makes of camera.

To join us, simply complete the membership application form below.
You will get a great deal of enjoyment, friendship and knowledge in return.

Membership Benefits
* An A4 Magazine, published in colour, at least three times a year - with a large archive of back issues. (Members can advertise free-of-charge when seeking or selling or swapping items).
* Participation in a 'portfolio circle' sharing your images with others who share your interests. NB Overseas members may only join Circle D, the digital circle, due to the prohibitive costs of mailing a printed portfolio outside the UK.
* Access to meetings and events during the year, including Leica Weekend and unique knowledge, experience and expertise in all things Leica as well as field trips to meet up and take photographs at interesting locations.
* Opportunity to show images in the exclusive member gallery on the website.
* Attending and participating in the Annual Exhibition.

New members joining and paying after 1 July are considered paid up to the end of the following year.

Please complete the form below first and then pay using the PayPal "Subscribe" options or one of the other methods set out below.

Membership costs are;
UK £30.00 (£45 for joint members at the same address)
European members £44.00 (approx €55)
Overseas members £53.50 (approx US$85)
Subscriptions become due on 1st January and should be paid by 31st March at the latest.

You can pay by;
Cheque - payable to "The Leica Society" - please email for the address to send the cheque too.
Bank Transfer - please email for details.
Paypal - select the correct option from the button below and be sure to complete the form so we have your details.

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