The Leica Society Magazine, now published four times a year, is the Society's main communication medium and is distributed to all members worldwide. It is fifty-odd pages and cover a wide range of subject matter, appealing to the widest possible spectrum of members interests in Leitz and Leica equipment, literature and photography.

Since the launch of the first commercial Leica camera in 1925, its history has been one of continuous technical development, and the magazine carries articles covering the major model changes to minor variations in for example, engraving styles or finishes in chrome, nickel, paint or anodising.

The history of the Leitz company has been researched by members, and the findings have been the subject of articles in the magazine. Such articles may relate to specific Leitz personnel who have been particularly influential in the development of the company and its products, or perhaps to more general aspects of Leitz business policies and practices. As an example, we have recently published some research into Leitz business practices before and during the Second World War.

Occasional articles cover the restoration and maintenance of older Leica equipment, essays on notable users, Leica 'fakes and copies', rare model finds, unusual engravings and mis-engraved items, used equipment market trends, book reviews, plus, of course, a great deal of advice on the use of Leica cameras, lenses and accessories both ancient and modern, as well as reviews and reports on the latest offerings from Leica Camera.

The Society has access to a comprehensive archive of original Leitz and Leica publications such as instruction manuals and sales literature, brochures etc.

Members can also advertise their 'Sales and Wants' completely free-of-charge in the columns of the magazine. Activities and events of the Society are of course also advertised and reported.

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